Ready for diversity? 
If you are planning for augmenting diversity in their talent pool or in-house teams by eliminating bias from the recruitment process in your organization, then this is where your search ends.

Specialized recruitment 
Enterprises that are looking forward to a diverse team of employees need to begin the process by starting to source diverse pool of talents. For this, they need to go extra length than just posting job updates and declaring opportunities over job boards, sites and professional networks. Diversity staffing needs extending reach to the direct job network of right talents which are built to achieve diversity in the workforce. Marketing Demand Gen has formed such a direct network to provide companies with diversity staffing solutions by consistently engaging and communicating with minority professional communities and women. This is a significant initial step in hiring process has massive impact on the diversity and quality that we want in candidates for various types of jobs.

Focused on skill sets 
The first and foremost priority that we take up in our hiring process recruiting is to identify the most needed set of skills and we rank those based on their criteria of qualities that those candidates need to deliver certain job responsibilities. By defining and determining these quality factors well in advance before stating the recruitment process, are unlikely to get carried away by the bias or personal preferences. Thus, we maintain honesty in our hiring process and in completely extracting bias from the recruitment process.

Meticulous job descriptions 
Our hiring team responsible for diversity staffing solutions are trained to create their pitch and works in order to avoid the risk of negative impact on hiring from minority community or hiring female candidates. That’s why Marketing Demand Gen continues honing and perfecting communications and recruitment algorithm to create attention grabbing and transparent job descriptions to attract talented professionals. Thus, we deliver seamless diversity staffing solutions which helps draw interest of skilled candidates from all spectrums of societies into creating unbiased, balanced and diverse teams of talents for our client organizations. Want to know about our procedure, clients and success rate in diversity staffing solutions before you choose us for all your recruitment solutions, contact us today.